Backgammon rules

backgammon rules

Backgammon playing pieces are known variously as checkers, draughts, stones, men, counters, pawns, discs, pips, chips, or nips. Players ‎: ‎2. Two variations of Backgammon are included after the main rules - Dutch Backgammon and Acey Deucey, a game popular within the American armed forces. To view the next video in this series: backgammon - rules -movement-of. backgammon rules

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To bear off your checkers, you need to roll both dice and use the numbers to move pieces into the tray. It is a two player game where playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice , and a player wins by removing all of their pieces from the board before their opponent. When a player is doubled, he may immediately redouble beaver while retaining possession of the cube. The ancient Egyptian game senet was excavated, along with illustrations, from Egyptian royal tombs dating to BC. In , Emmet Keeler and Joel Spencer considered the question of when to double or accept a double using an idealized version of backgammon.


How to Play Backgammon : Moving the Stones in the Game of Backgammon


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